10 July 2018

Do you still administrate or do you already sell?

As a sales manager you want your sales people out there at the client's. Being with the client is the key to success. But is this the reality? Your most talented sales people get reamed between admin, support and complaints, while sales stagnate. Even worse, you often have no idea what your sales staff actually is busy with all the time and the sales performance is not satisfying. Studies prove that the actual sales activities often make less than 20 percent of a typical working day in sales. What if you could double these 20 percent, what could that mean for the turnover?

Just get straight to the point and ask your sales people these three simple questions:

  1. What are doing right now?
  2. In which phase of the sales process are you right now?
  3. Could this task be delegated?

This sounds complicated? No way. With a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) it is so easy, you even do not impede your people from working while getting all the valuable information you need in a very short time. Having reliable numbers and facts on your side you can install these decisive changes which make the difference between sales people who sell and those who don't.

12 June 2018

What makes the Difference in Strategic Planning? Valid Data!

We live in a time of speed. It s the speed of a globalized and more and more digitalized business world. Of course, business and planning cycles become faster and shorter as well. Managers are confronted with enormous challenges. Who can easily be sure of one's own ability to have everything in mind in an ever changing business environment with several variables? It is no longer time just using one's own instincts and a little chuzpah to jump from planning to planning period. Being able to rely on valid data in short planning periods is a big advantage. Taking this data and draft some possible scenarios before final descision making can make the difference between average performance and super performance. Well, do not talk about the typical accounting and controlling data. You need a bit more here. But how to get these valid data? A Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is just the right method to earn the needed data efficiently and in a short time. Even better, you can go on working while catching reliable data. Also, you will be able to delevelop scenarios based on valid data gaining an insight of possible decisions' outcomes beforehand.

Just regard the MMA as your prefered and regular analytical method, strategic planning might hence become an act of pure pleasure.

08 May 2018

Do you have hard facts or still guessing?

Even in daily life relying on guesswork is often delusery. Just estimating the daily intake of calories rarely leads to weight loss. Misjudging just a little every day carries more and more weight in the luggage. 

With regard to business life guesswork is even more misleading. For example, there is no way to a fundamental quality management according to ISO 2009:2015 which demands an "evidence-based approach" in decision-making as one of its 7 basic postulations. 

In many companies and undertakings managers shirk away from determining exact numbers and facts. "We have no time to do this and we need our time to be productive , this is much too expensive". Can you be productive without hard facts? Where does an entrepreneural way lead to without guiding numbers?

The Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) does not take much time to provide you with hard facts, will not interfere with your daily chores, is not complicated and not too expensive. 

So when asked for hard facts next time there is no lame excuse anymore - Multi-Moment-Analysis is the answer.

01 May 2018

MMA and Self Management

A lot of managers of different levels work 55 hours per week and more. Nevertheless
they do not feel as achivers but feel as down slowers for the whole branch. Surely there is a lot of work to be done but the core of the problem is clearly insufficient self management and managing others does not work very efficiently either. So what can be done?

Thinking it over would raise these questions:

- Which part of my work is superfluous?
- What can be delegated?
- What can be organized differenty?
- What can be automized?

To answer the questions the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the ideal instrument to gain valid data. Untouchable and honest as it is even a small circle of participants or a single one gets the information he needs to define status quo and go on from that point to change. The incorruptability of MMA is most important, for just figuring the problem out by oneself is no ideal way to improve self management efficiently. MMA is.

09 April 2018

OFFICE 4.0 - move on with giant strides and with the Multi-Moment-Analsysis (MMA)

The digital revolution does not stop in front of your office door. In fact OFFICE 4.0 is as much a subject as INDUSTRY 4.0.
No wonder, a study of Fraunhofer IOC and Kyocera recently came to one conclusion: Digital working ist much more productive.

What is OFFICE 4.0 about?

Basically we talk about networking here - modern information and communication technologies are the heart of digital revolution in an office environment. Intelligent IT-solutions make adminstrative processes more efficient and optimize them in order to cope with a rising workload as well as higher complexity.

How to put OFFICE 4.0 into reality?

At the beginning again information ist the crucial point. You need a status quo:

  • What kind of routines are in existence?
  • What should be optimized?
  • What could be automized?
  • How to bundle information?
  • How to create intelligent interfaces where they make sense?
  • Which problems hinder a higher productivitiy?

Then you need a vision:

What is the ideal way of routines and processes?

The MMA makes it easy for you to answer all these questions. For once you gain all valid information on existing routines in your business fast and without causing distrations from a hectic daily working schedule. Due to its anonymous and easy to handle  character MMA works swiftly in the background. Also MMA enables you to create several fictive scenarios to  develop ideal conditions for future routines.

With a little help of MMA you move on to productive OFFICE 4.0. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomoorow but today.

04 April 2018

When management, worker's council and data protection commissioner pull together

Management and worker's council do not always agree. With the data protection commissioner is even a third party involved. When the measurement and analysis of entrepreunerial routines are concerned the worker's council often contradicts refering to data protection and worker's interest. The data protection commissioner might interfere too. This is normality albeit in times of globalization and digitalization no business can go without controlling routines. When in May the European Data General Data Protection Regulation becomes binding law a new legal need for logging and documentation of processes comes up. Management, worker's council and data protection commissioner find themselves in the new situation of necessary cooperation to meet data protection law's requirements.

Here the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the ideal instrument to satisfy all parties:

- MMA will capture the status quo of data processing routines.
- MMA offers thorough analysis of data with regard to data protection needs.
- MMA helps to confirm new routines by using virtual scenarios.
- MMA supports documentation and repeated control of routines.
- MMA is anonymous.
- MMA helps to set up routines which are likewise economically effective and go with data protection.

12 March 2018

Office goes digital - how to set up Office 4.0 with MMA

The necessity of digitalization has reached the office segment long ago. Those, who want to compete cannot ignore this fact. For digitalization you need sleek, elegant and flexible office routines which take most out of the possibilities which modern digital communication offers.

Office always is a cost factor and the costs cannot be redeemed so easily. So changing to digital routines is more than worthwile. At the end an integrated information and communication platform set up as data base will enable your organization to cope with the complexity in modern office life and to achieve savings.

First step to get there is to collect valid data on existing routines and demands. Here the Multimoment Anaylsis (MMA) is the pefect method to gain this data without much expense. It is fast, anonymous and does not cause much trouble in your daily work. Also virtual scenarios help you to define and put into reality the necessary changes.

MMA - may Office 4.0 come!

01 March 2018

Data Protection, Industrial Council and no end in sight - MMA is the solution

Often you find an eagerly opposing industrial council in your organization, when you plan to set up analytical methods to gain valid data on routines and processes.

Digital changes demands valid data but at this point always data protection comes in. Analytical procedures can be blocked for a long time even when an existing company agreement governs how to deal with personal data.

Even though the new German Data Protection law becomes law at the end of May 2018 and it allows company agreements to rule the procession of personal data, data protection gains even more significance in Europe with the coming EU Data Protection Basic Regulation.

To get out of the vicious circle of necessary data, data protection and mistrust the Multimoment Analysis (MMA) is a most practical solution. The MMA allows you to collect data fully anonymously without any hint on the participants by providing you with a most expressive picture of routines and processes.

MMA - that is how it works with the industrial council!

13 February 2018

The Multi-Moment-Analysis and the Value-Chain

Added value is king - due to digital and global competition every business has to optimize permanently today. Added-value processes play a keyrole in here. Finally added-value routines allow to process incoming factors of lower value into outgoing factors of higher value. Given a value-chain the outcome can be particularly worthwhile. Value-chains offer even more if added-value processes in the single company and in a group of companies can be combined.Of course value-chains have their challenges. There are bottlenecks and efficiency gaps in the context of idle periods and cycle times as well as problems in coordination. To eliminate such aspects you just need one profound basis: Realiable data which can be only evolved out of a detailed analysis.

The MMA at ist best - analyzing a Value-Chain

You can accomplish the following goals by applying MMA in a value-chain:

  • Find fortes and weaknesses!
  • Find hidden potential!
  • Support a permanent CIP - Continous Improvement Process!
  • Eliminate aspects of no value!
  • Guarantee proper coordination and communication!
  • Install clear tasks and responsibilities!

How does MMA help you to accomplish these goals?

In short the Multi-Moment-Analysis allows valid assertions on the time structure of a variety of processes by using random samples in your value-chain. This means to know all processes and to allot them to the system.
Getting to know processes is easily achieved by asking participtants simple questions such as:
"What are you doing right now?" in a certain time interval. They just need a second for a "click" to answer. A time interval of 20 minutes will provide you with 3 notifications per hour and 24 notifications per work day of 8 hours, The profound data will enable you to hinge decisions and strategies on facts, numbers and reliable data.

If you want more added-value, gain most added-value from a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA)!

Try it out!

11 January 2018

The Multi-Moment-Anaylsis - get by in 2018 with hard facts in the B2B segment

Did you get well into 2018? Do you plan - as many other B2B decision makers - to make your investments and expenses even more profitable than in 2017? MMA is your first choice when it comes to the necessary hard facts für decision making.

MMA creates facts, not just assumptions

Your are not alone with your hunger for facts. According to a B2B Buyer's Survey by Demand Gen Report recently refered to on LinkedIn most of B2B decision makers have already begun in 2016 to spend more time on evaluating their business activities. The trend goes on. Just be reminded: While your business is one among others for the typical consultant MMA is focused solely on your enterprise. The Multi-Moment-Analysis delivers fast and precisely all the facts and numbers you need in decision making. Individually and tailor-made for your special needs.

2018 should be the year you start to use the facts MMA provided you with - like many others of your successful competitors in a never-so-fast growing competition. By the way, one of MMA's most convincing advantages is that it does not take much time to accomplish. Start now and use the possibilities of the MMA! You can make 2018 fully yours!