10 July 2018

Do you still administrate or do you already sell?

As a sales manager you want your sales people out there at the client's. Being with the client is the key to success. But is this the reality? Your most talented sales people get reamed between admin, support and complaints, while sales stagnate. Even worse, you often have no idea what your sales staff actually is busy with all the time and the sales performance is not satisfying. Studies prove that the actual sales activities often make less than 20 percent of a typical working day in sales. What if you could double these 20 percent, what could that mean for the turnover?

Just get straight to the point and ask your sales people these three simple questions:

  1. What are doing right now?
  2. In which phase of the sales process are you right now?
  3. Could this task be delegated?

This sounds complicated? No way. With a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) it is so easy, you even do not impede your people from working while getting all the valuable information you need in a very short time. Having reliable numbers and facts on your side you can install these decisive changes which make the difference between sales people who sell and those who don't.