29 August 2018

How to make the Best of Yourself - with MMA!

In digital surroundings and work-places efficacy is most wanted. This not only refers to big organizations, but also to the single entrepreneur. He often is even more challenged by balancing work and private needs in times of constant accessibility and digital deflections. Often and rather unnoticed this is a lone fighter's life between ambitious goals, self-enslavement and the danger of burn-out. If such an entrepreneurial life should still be a bit of fun clear structures are needed.

The good message here: A Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) delivers valid data to single entrepreneurs which help to assess the conditions of your own work life. As the MMA works swiftly, in an uncomplicated and reliable manner, your strained agenda will not be bothered more. Just by asking the right questions, above: "What am I doing just now?" you will easily get on a healthy and successful track, even on the outside lane. Make the best of yourself with MMA. Try it out!

27 August 2018

It's out now ... New MMA Release is Online !

With our new release, measuring effort becomes as easy as child's play. Request account -> Create project -> Start !
Further highlights of the new version are ...
- completely redesigned project wizard
- Variety of templates and samples for questions
- Creation of own account templates for repeating projects
- Invitation of participants via global or personal link
- Normalisation of data in the analysis depending on filtering
- Multilingual questions and answers for multilingual surveys
- and much more …

Do you want to know more? Try it out... Get a free test account here or at our website !

14 August 2018

Make your shareholders happy - with MMA!

Today most organisations rely on shareholders in one way or the other.
These are alyways keen on following the business' development and the fate of their investment. Above all, they are hungry - hungry for facts and numbers on all levels. Often regular financial statements will not satisfy them. Especially, when there is need for new structuring and changes, when visions are at stake, valid data is necessary. Shareholders ask too much, block investments and do not understand your precious visions. What a headache to meet these guys! At this point you might ask: Where do I get valid data - now and asap?

Well, there is an easy answer: A Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) will provide you with facts and numbers fast, in an uncomplicated way and reliably. You get the data you need now, not just once a year. Show the effectivity of departments and branches, underline saving potentials and help your sales people to be with the client and not with administration all day. Just ask, MMA answers.

Bet that your shareholders adore you in future? Anyway, you will love to meet them. You know the MMA-derived facts can persuade everybody