13 October 2019

Home Office - with MMA even better

Digital change is accompanied by a new flexibility in working. New working models such as Home Office are on the rise. Although Home Office can be a promising solution to combine family and work much more efficiently there can be some obstacles to overcome. Especially in the beginning, Home Office wants new processes and administration of work. Here a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) can help to reshape and restructure the working schedule. For example, a MMA can provide you with valid data on how effectively you work in Home Office and how you organize important breaks in between. To make the best of Home Office, MMA is a precious tool for everybody - also for the manager who has to understand that Home Office is no 24/7 schedule for employees. MMA integrates elegantly in the daily work procdure, there is not much fuss about gaining the data needed. This is why more and more companies see MMA as a routine method to improve not only Home Office.