12 June 2018

What makes the Difference in Strategic Planning? Valid Data!

We live in a time of speed. It s the speed of a globalized and more and more digitalized business world. Of course, business and planning cycles become faster and shorter as well. Managers are confronted with enormous challenges. Who can easily be sure of one's own ability to have everything in mind in an ever changing business environment with several variables? It is no longer time just using one's own instincts and a little chuzpah to jump from planning to planning period. Being able to rely on valid data in short planning periods is a big advantage. Taking this data and draft some possible scenarios before final descision making can make the difference between average performance and super performance. Well, do not talk about the typical accounting and controlling data. You need a bit more here. But how to get these valid data? A Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is just the right method to earn the needed data efficiently and in a short time. Even better, you can go on working while catching reliable data. Also, you will be able to delevelop scenarios based on valid data gaining an insight of possible decisions' outcomes beforehand.

Just regard the MMA as your prefered and regular analytical method, strategic planning might hence become an act of pure pleasure.