01 September 2017

Have more time for your Buying Decision - determine Rentability readily with MMA!

Companies have to spend more and more time to discuss their buying decisions. As a result the B2B- Selling-Cycle is extended more and more. Smaller budgets, a much more diligent review by leading executives and the necessity to justify expenses make it inevitable to prove the rentability of investments beforehand. In the 2016 B2B Buyer's Survey von Demand Gen Report more than 6 from 10 B2B-Buyers stated that they install more profound analyses on rentability of a planned investment. 80% said they would spend more time on calculating the investment than the previous year, and 73 % admitted using more sources to gain information and to ponder several options.

To execute a calculation of earning power profound data is needed. It can be time-consuming and expensive to gain that data. Here the Multi-Moment-Analysis comes in. The MMA enables you to collect the needed data fast and easily. It is ideal to find out in self-introspection how to optimize investments regarding associated tasks. By assignment of costs and players it is possible to determine your potential of optimization based on profound data. Just have a look here to see how EMMA faced this problem or have a look on our website.