12 May 2019

Make your staff happy again - with MMA

The skilled employees lack phenomena is a permanent threat today. People have become the most precious resource. So, to keep the best people with you it is not enough just to offer a nice little contract combining one or the other benefit and hope for the best. More important are the factual conditions in the daily turmoil. People should love to work with you - full of satisfaction. But how to measure satisfaction which is a highly subjective feeling? A Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) can be your guide here. If you ask the right questions in this smooth and anonymous MMA procedure you will surely get the right answers. Valid data to ground new visions and improvements which keep your people satisfied and your business on the path for success.

05 May 2019

Where are you now - using MMA to get your status quo in the middle of 2019!

June is ahead soon and half of 2019 will be done. Do you enjoy this merry month of May being sure you are on track with your business? Are you purposefully heading at your aim which you had defined in the beginning of 2019? Or have you already wandered off course? Well, it is quite sure: You need meaningful data and figures to easily fix some developments and make 2019 a personal success. But how to get figures and facts without much tantrum?

A Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is just the right tool to get everything you need. Without relevant disturbances of your daily business, efficiently and smoothly you gain data and get answers to your questions. You will be able to work out your visions and base your decisions on valid data. You will even be able to convince financiers and business partners. Well, it's time for your first MMA - let's start!

03 February 2019

Digitized Working Structures - make the best of it with MMA

Digitization shows up with some changes. Among other aspects working structures are not the same as before. They are encouragingly more flexible when it comes to the working place, appliance and hours. Often staff people do not meet in one central place daily anymore. Regarding these circumstances, it can be challenging to guarantee effective working structures and a joint performance. A sophisticated communication and efficient self-management are principal duties of every person involved. But how to review one's own contribution to the organization on a mere subjective level? How can valid data be obtained?

The Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is a superb tool to value working structures at the interface between self-management and corporate governance. You get the status quo and can simulate possible improvements regarding their effectiveness. In an uncomplicated way, swiftly and without much pressure on your daily business MMA delivers reliable results - also at intervals.

13 January 2019

Good intentions for 2019 - use the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA)

Alas, everybody knows - with good resolutions it is always so a thing, in the field of our entrepreneurship even more than in the private sector. Often there only is a weak feeling that something has to change and we phrase our goals for change much too vaguely. Where to start from when we just say "in 2019 we have to get more productive"? We suddenly see the limits of good resolutions here. Of course we need a solid structure and even more important valid data. Well, how can we get these data fast and in a comprehensive way? This new year has already begun and our typical business data does not provide us with sufficient information to detect structural undesirable developments, set them aside and turn into a different direction.

Well, no reason, to renounce good resolutions! We can get the needed data fast, in an uncomplicated way and as the basis of our new visions by using a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) . Even better we can anaylse while succeeding with our day-to-day business. MMA - this time changes will happen!