21 July 2019

Becoming a real Team - with MMA

In most organisations teamwork between departments and people is crucial for success. Especially flat hierachies as wanted in modern business can lead to misunderstandings and insecurities when it comes to certain tasks and the question who is in charge. It is almost normal. So what a lot of organisations need most is a clear status quo: Who does what when how and why? You know this situaton? And you hesitate to get your status quo because of daily business which ist exhausting enough? Well, a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) will help you and your team to lose this knot. Without losing time, without disturbing your routines and without touching your staff's personal insecurities. You get valid data. You know how your team works together and how not. You can restructure and replan in a data-based way. And you might soon hear your team say: Yes, we are a real team!

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