04 July 2017

MMA - make success measurable in three steps!

Everybody in business talks about effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. But what do these terms really mean, especially in the context of a continuous optimization of processes (COP)?

- Effectiveness means to do the right things.
- Efficiency means to do the right things in the right way.
- Success means productivity is high.

If you do the right things in the right way your productivity rises and you are successful. Sounds rather simple. But how do we know that we do the right things in the right way?

As Robert S. Kaplan, Economist at Harvard University says, "What is not measurable, cannot be controlled".

So each business leader has to ask regularly whether he still does the right things in the right way and reaches a high productivity. That continuous measurement is the core of COP - a continuous optimization of processes.

Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the o n e instrument to manage COP by making effectiveness and efficiency measurable. There is no way to do this more effectively and more efficiently.