02 May 2017

You know your internal processes?

Somebody published a nice little story on LinkedIn which stresses the importance of being involved in the internal processes of your business. Summed up the story goes as follows: A little ant works happily and successfully, highly motivated. One day her boss, a tiger, has the brilliant idea that the installation of a supervisor could even make the ant much more successful and productive. To get to the crucial point: In the end an unnerved little ant which is demotivated by the permanent need for reports, plans and meetings, is on the edge of getting fired after an external consultant of high reputation and even higher hourly fee has concluded that the department is overstaffed. Well, who would be productive after the ant's dismissal when the bee is just a supervisor, the rabbit a secretary, the cat an IT-Manager and the monkey doing strategic planning?

The moral of the story?
A two-week inexpensive Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) study would have helped the Tiger to find out where the unproductive overstaffed area of the processes are and would have led him to take right decisions. Cutting the productivity in favor of raising administration always increases costs and diminishes working satisfaction. Spending more than 60% on administrative work which is not part of your bonus and qualification system will bring motivation perfectly down as a McKinnsey Case Study shows.

For the story see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/corporate-story-great-insights-rohan-rodrigues