03 February 2019

Digitized Working Structures - make the best of it with MMA

Digitization shows up with some changes. Among other aspects working structures are not the same as before. They are encouragingly more flexible when it comes to the working place, appliance and hours. Often staff people do not meet in one central place daily anymore. Regarding these circumstances, it can be challenging to guarantee effective working structures and a joint performance. A sophisticated communication and efficient self-management are principal duties of every person involved. But how to review one's own contribution to the organization on a mere subjective level? How can valid data be obtained?

The Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is a superb tool to value working structures at the interface between self-management and corporate governance. You get the status quo and can simulate possible improvements regarding their effectiveness. In an uncomplicated way, swiftly and without much pressure on your daily business MMA delivers reliable results - also at intervals.