08 December 2017

Multi-Moment-Analysis and the Social Room - a different Christmas Story

Productivity and efficiency are indispensable success factors for businesses of any kind. This comprises to deploy staff members according to their knowledge, background and wages. The following little anecdote fresh from MMA practical use clearly emphasizes this aspect. It underlines which surprising facts turn up by applying MMA. 

A MMA pilot study performed shortly before year's end was meant to get the relations between wages and staff member's profiles into a visible context. As it showed up the cleaning of the social room - done by the staff members themselves - led to costs of 573 EURO per week which means 29.000 EURO in one year. What a nice Christmas surprise for the management enabling them to hire a professional cleaner for the next year and to raise productivity of the staff decisively by letting them do their core work.

MMA is just the best imaginable sensor for efficiency and productivity gaps you can think of. Give it a try!

06 November 2017

How to make your Staff happy with MMA

Mostly managers and CEO refer to figures to describe the general situation of their business. Albeit numbers do no define success factors such as the contentment of staff. In general accounting figures are not the right medium to discover sleeping talents and potentials in your staff members. They will even not tell you how the work load is allocated in different sectors of your company. In all these cases the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the first choice to get comprehensive answers to your questions. If for example you want to know how happy your staff really is at work, whether the locations are suitable and operating conditions fine you could apply the following questions into your next MMA scheme:

  • Where do you work right now?
  • What about the noise exposure?
  • Do you like the temperature in the room?
  • Do the operating conditions please you ?

It will be pretty simple to install small changements based on the MMA findings with great effects on your staff's motivation and happiness. And fully en passant your staff will feel your warm appreciation which is even more motivating than anything else.

09 October 2017

MMA and Just-in-Time Processes

We have already explained why the Multi-Moment- Analysis is the fitting statistical method of modern times. One could even say MMA is t h e method related to digital ages and Industry 4.0. A well-defined part of digital revolution are Just-in-Time processes. These processes synchronize the needs for goods which are delivered or produced at the right time - when they are needed. There is no way not using MMA in installing Just-in-Time procedures and in maintaining them. 

Just-in-Time - every moment counts

Just-in-Time processes and MMA have one thing in common: Both hinge on the moment! To deliver goods just in time aim at minimizing storage capacities as the goods can be used or produces just at the moment they arrive. In the background of such procedures a sophisticated and highly effective organization is necessary. 

Think just in time with MMA

In order to install and maintain Just-in-Time organization coming from normal processes a lot of enterprises face grim challenges especially if their internal processes had not been clearly identified, planned and controlled so far. You have to think differently by focusing on the very moment. Here MMA comes in. There is seemingly no other statistical method making it so easy to find out what when where and by whom something is done. Even better, MMA works amid daily business and does not hinder fulfillment of daily tasks. The results of MMA form a clear basis to reorganize and fit processes according to Just-in-Time procedures by harmonizing ressoureces and tasks. Also keeping Just-in-Time processes running is so easy by help of the Multi-Moment-Analysis.

01 September 2017

Have more time for your Buying Decision - determine Rentability readily with MMA!

Companies have to spend more and more time to discuss their buying decisions. As a result the B2B- Selling-Cycle is extended more and more. Smaller budgets, a much more diligent review by leading executives and the necessity to justify expenses make it inevitable to prove the rentability of investments beforehand. In the 2016 B2B Buyer's Survey von Demand Gen Report more than 6 from 10 B2B-Buyers stated that they install more profound analyses on rentability of a planned investment. 80% said they would spend more time on calculating the investment than the previous year, and 73 % admitted using more sources to gain information and to ponder several options.

To execute a calculation of earning power profound data is needed. It can be time-consuming and expensive to gain that data. Here the Multi-Moment-Analysis comes in. The MMA enables you to collect the needed data fast and easily. It is ideal to find out in self-introspection how to optimize investments regarding associated tasks. By assignment of costs and players it is possible to determine your potential of optimization based on profound data. Just have a look here to see how EMMA faced this problem or have a look on our website.

04 August 2017

Why the Multi-Moment-Analysis exactly fits in our time

Digital worlds take the fast lane and puts a considerable strain on entrepreneurs. Internal processes have to be controlled and optimized constantly. It is the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) which allows deep insights in these processes because it is so flexible and meaningful.
Just look at this video to get to the core of MMA:
Even scientific research lately has recognized the possibilities and potential of MMA.
A recent scientific review states that a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) leads to more efficiency and productivity which makes the business fit to put its full potential into reality. Due to the Multi-Moment-Shots MMA make it possible to see exactly what is now compared to what should be at the moment. Could you expect more when controlling internal processes?

Refer to: Christopher Gerstmann, Prozessmodellierung, SRH Hochschule Berlin, Int.
Betriebswirtschaftslehre E-Business und Social Media Management, Dienstleistungs- und Qualit├Ątsmanagement with further references to MMA 

04 July 2017

MMA - make success measurable in three steps!

Everybody in business talks about effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. But what do these terms really mean, especially in the context of a continuous optimization of processes (COP)?

- Effectiveness means to do the right things.
- Efficiency means to do the right things in the right way.
- Success means productivity is high.

If you do the right things in the right way your productivity rises and you are successful. Sounds rather simple. But how do we know that we do the right things in the right way?

As Robert S. Kaplan, Economist at Harvard University says, "What is not measurable, cannot be controlled".

So each business leader has to ask regularly whether he still does the right things in the right way and reaches a high productivity. That continuous measurement is the core of COP - a continuous optimization of processes.

Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the o n e instrument to manage COP by making effectiveness and efficiency measurable. There is no way to do this more effectively and more efficiently.

12 June 2017

Multi-Moment-Analysis check contra Time Tracking - differences

More use cases here
Sometimes our clients question the sense of a Multi-Moment-Analysis check - actually their time tracking system could provide them with all needed information as they say. They do not see the different parameters which a Multi-Moment-Analysis provides compared to a time tracking system. While a time tracking system connects jobs with specific clients, projects and products the Multi-Moment-Analysis check goes for a broader approach: It shows where jobs are spent with in general, independent of specific clients, projects and products. Besides a very detailed time and attendance system is linked to higher efforts of administration. These efforts are often useless with regard to the possible outcome of the data which the system can generate. Nothing can compete with the Multi-Moment-Analysis when questions like: What is X doing just now? Is that what X does purposeful or not? are supposed to be answered.  

By the way, a Multi-Moment-Analysis also analyzes the effort a time tracking system produces - so the MMA is a system of a higher order than a time tracking system. More use cases here.

02 May 2017

You know your internal processes?

Somebody published a nice little story on LinkedIn which stresses the importance of being involved in the internal processes of your business. Summed up the story goes as follows: A little ant works happily and successfully, highly motivated. One day her boss, a tiger, has the brilliant idea that the installation of a supervisor could even make the ant much more successful and productive. To get to the crucial point: In the end an unnerved little ant which is demotivated by the permanent need for reports, plans and meetings, is on the edge of getting fired after an external consultant of high reputation and even higher hourly fee has concluded that the department is overstaffed. Well, who would be productive after the ant's dismissal when the bee is just a supervisor, the rabbit a secretary, the cat an IT-Manager and the monkey doing strategic planning?

The moral of the story?
A two-week inexpensive Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) study would have helped the Tiger to find out where the unproductive overstaffed area of the processes are and would have led him to take right decisions. Cutting the productivity in favor of raising administration always increases costs and diminishes working satisfaction. Spending more than 60% on administrative work which is not part of your bonus and qualification system will bring motivation perfectly down as a McKinnsey Case Study shows.

For the story see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/corporate-story-great-insights-rohan-rodrigues

06 April 2017

Business Process Management (BPM) and Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA)

"If you can't describe what you are doing within a process, you don't know what you're doing." W. Edwards Deming's quote shows the importance of understanding internal processes in your business.

The central question in a Business Process Management (BPM) concept therefore is: "Who does what, when, how and with what?".

A Business Process Management (BPM) solution aims at analyzing, automating and making internal business processes transparent.

The Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) as Methodical Partner of BPM Concepts

The methodical approach to continuous process improvement is cyclical in nature. An example of such a cycle is shown in the adjacent picture:

BPM with MMA ideally supports gain of knowledge concerning the following elements:

- Monitoring
- Analysis
- Optimisation of processes.

The insights gained from analysis of the target-performance-comparison will be used to derive improvements and specifications and to design new business processes. On the basis of figures, data and facts uncovered, new process structures can be designed, provided with the required metrics and assigned to the right targets. Optimization guides the scheming of new solutions and simulations to be performed.

Findings from the optimization phase will flow back into the design and implementation phase, completing the life cycle. In this model, processes move through a closed loop, allowing continuous improvement and adaption. Improving in this context can mean to combine processes, to automate tasks and similar steps to be taken.

The process cycle keeps the company in motion like a living organism, supporting looped business process improvement as it goes.

The Limsophy BPM with MMA is an example of integrating the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) into a BPM concept  More here.

01 March 2017

Optimising Business Processes

I have been visiting a former business partner and presented him the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA). He was very enthusiastic about the possibilities what you could measure and investigate with such a study. He immediately recognized the enormous potential for his department. As a sales manager of an international operating company he is managing a field and internal sales team. His main concerns are that his team is really dealing with sales oriented efforts such like sales-promoting and customer-relationship management and is not bounded by administrative tasks. – I thought “the perfect candidate”. But then the objections came up. The top management is shareholder driven. Will they support and understand such an analysis? What would be their reaction to such clear results? Until now administrative efforts have always been considered as required. In the meantime, those has grown to roughly 30% or more. I think this is the right time to ask the question if this make sense. Extending the staff to keep track with the administrative efforts, so that the same customer presence can be retain, is almost impossible. Instead of this option every year a new target is set with increasing sales and reducing costs numbers. And of course, to make it suitable for shareholder value it stays with the same or in the worst case fewer resources. Then I mentioned to him, that the beauty of an MMA study is, that you completely focus on numbers, data and facts so that all emotions are taken out of the discussion. Soft factors and fat words like "it is as it is" or "others are doing it as well" will not work anymore. Under us, if the administrative effort really involves more than 30% of the total costs and is expressed in a dollar amount I’m convinced that this number also brings a shareholder to think, if not even to react. In the truest sense, this is throwing money out of the window. Therefore, measure, analyze, improve.

Free to the quotation of Robert S. Kaplan economist at Harvard Business School

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"

13 February 2017

61% managing administrative tasks

Last week I got an email from Dropbox with the information that they have updated and adapted their application website. Well, this is nothing earth-moving event for a software company. They have frequently updates. But one sentence got my full attention: The reason for this update!

"According a new McKinsey report, employees in today's companies are spending 61% of their time managing administrative rather than to dedicated tasks for their actual work. A terrifying statistic!"

And there we had again, the administrative effort, no time and no focus on the actual job!

With a Multi Moment Analysis, you can easily and effectively analyze your processes and measure the proportion of administrative expenses in your company. With the help of this kind of self-recording measurement, you quickly and easily display the distribution of effort in your company. I just hope the result does not kill you.

06 February 2017

MMA Blog Online

The MMA Blog is now available direct through our website.

This Blog will give you ideas and inputs what a MMA can do for you! Thinks like -

  • For which tasks are we using our working time? 
  • Are those tasks necessary or can they be automated? 
  • Which steps of the processes can be optimized? 
  • What is the cost of a process for example?

05 February 2017

What is a Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) Study?

A Multi Moment Analysis MMA or Sampling Work is a special statistical technique that enables you to gain data and information about your enterprise and work procedures. It is MMA’s main objective to provide data and facts about the effort distribution in your enterprise. Consequently you will be able to distinguish value-adding tasks and activities from waste-of-time. MMA provides very reliable facts of the current situation. Efficiency killers and bloated administrative routines can be identified clearly and easily. Waste-of-time procedures and efficiency killers occur in very different forms and are often hidden. Sometimes there is a vague subjective feeling among the staff that something is wrong or does not fit when it comes to daily work routines. Often your employees just feel, but do not know, the efficiency killers which may cause a latent feeling of working in vain, and make people dissatisfied. This means decreasing motivation at the same time. A dangerous development starts if these phenomena are not strongly opposed and changed within an appropriate period of time. Without reliable hard facts, it is impossible for management to react and to improve the situation, respectively to make the right investment decisions with strong potential for the future. Efficiency killers prevent the potential of your enterprise to fully blossom.

The participation of your employees is very important for the success of an MMA. Your employees will be asked at random times what tasks they are performing at that very moment. This randomness guarantees the statistical accuracy and robustness of the MMA results. Also, your employees will see the benefits of their participation in providing reliable, accurate data to address and discuss the issues that have been bothering them, but which they have not been able to quantify. Finally, the effort to participate and the interruption of the workflow are minimal for an MMA and much lower compared to any comparable study (e.g. time study, standard data or predetermined motion time system).

31 January 2017

Release Introduction Note

 A new year means also new opportunities and new challenges. We will start 2017 with a new release of the Multi Moment Analysis application. Version 3 is born.