13 October 2018

Make your Staff happy with MMA

The frustration of empoyees can be a heavy cost factor for companies - it is not exaggerated to talk about millions here. At the moment staff people have already terminated innerly or are on the verge of leaving it is too late to change things for good. Mostly the frustration is a result of work overload due to bad organization or not enough staff for a growing workload. Also underload and the resulting boredom can practically lead to the same process of employees' alienation. How to counteract such processes? Standard procedures are no solution as the situation in the company is individual and so must be the way out. Also, a valuable solution has to fit and has to be based on valid data. For example, when it comes to the question of workload finding the right answers demands a full analysis of all activities and people involved. This needs too much time? Not with a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA). The tried and tested procedure will enable you

- to analyse activities in a detailed way.
- to get the status quo of workload distribution.
- to project solutions based on valid data.

It makes your staff happy, as MMA works anonymously, fast and without interrupting the daily work.

This is MMA - get more information right now.