12 March 2018

Office goes digital - how to set up Office 4.0 with MMA

The necessity of digitalization has reached the office segment long ago. Those, who want to compete cannot ignore this fact. For digitalization you need sleek, elegant and flexible office routines which take most out of the possibilities which modern digital communication offers.

Office always is a cost factor and the costs cannot be redeemed so easily. So changing to digital routines is more than worthwile. At the end an integrated information and communication platform set up as data base will enable your organization to cope with the complexity in modern office life and to achieve savings.

First step to get there is to collect valid data on existing routines and demands. Here the Multimoment Anaylsis (MMA) is the pefect method to gain this data without much expense. It is fast, anonymous and does not cause much trouble in your daily work. Also virtual scenarios help you to define and put into reality the necessary changes.

MMA - may Office 4.0 come!

01 March 2018

Data Protection, Industrial Council and no end in sight - MMA is the solution

Often you find an eagerly opposing industrial council in your organization, when you plan to set up analytical methods to gain valid data on routines and processes.

Digital changes demands valid data but at this point always data protection comes in. Analytical procedures can be blocked for a long time even when an existing company agreement governs how to deal with personal data.

Even though the new German Data Protection law becomes law at the end of May 2018 and it allows company agreements to rule the procession of personal data, data protection gains even more significance in Europe with the coming EU Data Protection Basic Regulation.

To get out of the vicious circle of necessary data, data protection and mistrust the Multimoment Analysis (MMA) is a most practical solution. The MMA allows you to collect data fully anonymously without any hint on the participants by providing you with a most expressive picture of routines and processes.

MMA - that is how it works with the industrial council!