12 June 2017

Multi-Moment-Analysis check contra Time Tracking - differences

More use cases here
Sometimes our clients question the sense of a Multi-Moment-Analysis check - actually their time tracking system could provide them with all needed information as they say. They do not see the different parameters which a Multi-Moment-Analysis provides compared to a time tracking system. While a time tracking system connects jobs with specific clients, projects and products the Multi-Moment-Analysis check goes for a broader approach: It shows where jobs are spent with in general, independent of specific clients, projects and products. Besides a very detailed time and attendance system is linked to higher efforts of administration. These efforts are often useless with regard to the possible outcome of the data which the system can generate. Nothing can compete with the Multi-Moment-Analysis when questions like: What is X doing just now? Is that what X does purposeful or not? are supposed to be answered.  

By the way, a Multi-Moment-Analysis also analyzes the effort a time tracking system produces - so the MMA is a system of a higher order than a time tracking system. More use cases here.