08 December 2017

Multi-Moment-Analysis and the Social Room - a different Christmas Story

Productivity and efficiency are indispensable success factors for businesses of any kind. This comprises to deploy staff members according to their knowledge, background and wages. The following little anecdote fresh from MMA practical use clearly emphasizes this aspect. It underlines which surprising facts turn up by applying MMA. 

A MMA pilot study performed shortly before year's end was meant to get the relations between wages and staff member's profiles into a visible context. As it showed up the cleaning of the social room - done by the staff members themselves - led to costs of 573 EURO per week which means 29.000 EURO in one year. What a nice Christmas surprise for the management enabling them to hire a professional cleaner for the next year and to raise productivity of the staff decisively by letting them do their core work.

MMA is just the best imaginable sensor for efficiency and productivity gaps you can think of. Give it a try!