08 May 2018

Do you have hard facts or still guessing?

Even in daily life relying on guesswork is often delusery. Just estimating the daily intake of calories rarely leads to weight loss. Misjudging just a little every day carries more and more weight in the luggage. 

With regard to business life guesswork is even more misleading. For example, there is no way to a fundamental quality management according to ISO 2009:2015 which demands an "evidence-based approach" in decision-making as one of its 7 basic postulations. 

In many companies and undertakings managers shirk away from determining exact numbers and facts. "We have no time to do this and we need our time to be productive , this is much too expensive". Can you be productive without hard facts? Where does an entrepreneural way lead to without guiding numbers?

The Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) does not take much time to provide you with hard facts, will not interfere with your daily chores, is not complicated and not too expensive. 

So when asked for hard facts next time there is no lame excuse anymore - Multi-Moment-Analysis is the answer.

01 May 2018

MMA and Self Management

A lot of managers of different levels work 55 hours per week and more. Nevertheless
they do not feel as achivers but feel as down slowers for the whole branch. Surely there is a lot of work to be done but the core of the problem is clearly insufficient self management and managing others does not work very efficiently either. So what can be done?

Thinking it over would raise these questions:

- Which part of my work is superfluous?
- What can be delegated?
- What can be organized differenty?
- What can be automized?

To answer the questions the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the ideal instrument to gain valid data. Untouchable and honest as it is even a small circle of participants or a single one gets the information he needs to define status quo and go on from that point to change. The incorruptability of MMA is most important, for just figuring the problem out by oneself is no ideal way to improve self management efficiently. MMA is.