06 November 2017

How to make your Staff happy with MMA

Mostly managers and CEO refer to figures to describe the general situation of their business. Albeit numbers do no define success factors such as the contentment of staff. In general accounting figures are not the right medium to discover sleeping talents and potentials in your staff members. They will even not tell you how the work load is allocated in different sectors of your company. In all these cases the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the first choice to get comprehensive answers to your questions. If for example you want to know how happy your staff really is at work, whether the locations are suitable and operating conditions fine you could apply the following questions into your next MMA scheme:

  • Where do you work right now?
  • What about the noise exposure?
  • Do you like the temperature in the room?
  • Do the operating conditions please you ?

It will be pretty simple to install small changements based on the MMA findings with great effects on your staff's motivation and happiness. And fully en passant your staff will feel your warm appreciation which is even more motivating than anything else.