08 September 2019

Your projects - the most important first!

You surely know the Pareto Principle. This rule fits to a lot of certain life situations, especially when it comes to the relationship between effort and income in an entrepreneurial environment. Roughly spoken it says that 20 % of effort leads to 80 % of success. How do you weight your projects? Do you weight them at all? Often Pareto is neglected in the beginning phase of a project. Later with several parallel projects in process all energy seems to be eaten up by project work itself. What to do now? Maybe you invest in projects which do not are successful at all. Well, a Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) can be a strong support and tool here to gain valid data of the status quo. In a very swift and uncomplicated manner you will know how to weight your projects. Just by asking the right questions. You a sure such an overhaul of your projects would be just the right thing? Then do not hesitate, get more information of MMA and start today. Very soon, it is up to you to proudly say (again): First projects first!

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