04 April 2018

When management, worker's council and data protection commissioner pull together

Management and worker's council do not always agree. With the data protection commissioner is even a third party involved. When the measurement and analysis of entrepreunerial routines are concerned the worker's council often contradicts refering to data protection and worker's interest. The data protection commissioner might interfere too. This is normality albeit in times of globalization and digitalization no business can go without controlling routines. When in May the European Data General Data Protection Regulation becomes binding law a new legal need for logging and documentation of processes comes up. Management, worker's council and data protection commissioner find themselves in the new situation of necessary cooperation to meet data protection law's requirements.

Here the Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA) is the ideal instrument to satisfy all parties:

- MMA will capture the status quo of data processing routines.
- MMA offers thorough analysis of data with regard to data protection needs.
- MMA helps to confirm new routines by using virtual scenarios.
- MMA supports documentation and repeated control of routines.
- MMA is anonymous.
- MMA helps to set up routines which are likewise economically effective and go with data protection.

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