09 April 2018

OFFICE 4.0 - move on with giant strides and with the Multi-Moment-Analsysis (MMA)

The digital revolution does not stop in front of your office door. In fact OFFICE 4.0 is as much a subject as INDUSTRY 4.0.
No wonder, a study of Fraunhofer IOC and Kyocera recently came to one conclusion: Digital working ist much more productive.

What is OFFICE 4.0 about?

Basically we talk about networking here - modern information and communication technologies are the heart of digital revolution in an office environment. Intelligent IT-solutions make adminstrative processes more efficient and optimize them in order to cope with a rising workload as well as higher complexity.

How to put OFFICE 4.0 into reality?

At the beginning again information ist the crucial point. You need a status quo:

  • What kind of routines are in existence?
  • What should be optimized?
  • What could be automized?
  • How to bundle information?
  • How to create intelligent interfaces where they make sense?
  • Which problems hinder a higher productivitiy?

Then you need a vision:

What is the ideal way of routines and processes?

The MMA makes it easy for you to answer all these questions. For once you gain all valid information on existing routines in your business fast and without causing distrations from a hectic daily working schedule. Due to its anonymous and easy to handle  character MMA works swiftly in the background. Also MMA enables you to create several fictive scenarios to  develop ideal conditions for future routines.

With a little help of MMA you move on to productive OFFICE 4.0. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomoorow but today.

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